BRATTLEBORO -- On Feb. 21, the Brattleboro Winter Carnival hosted the 58th Annual Queens Scholarship Pageant at the Brattleboro Union High School with eight contestants from ages 16 to 20.

For her second year as director, Miraya Young incorporated a lot of new elements into this year's pageant, including a second title that allowed audience members to vote for their favorite contestant.

"This is just one of the ways that we are trying to update the pageant and bring it on par with the changing trends in our society," she said. "I have received numerous comments from people within the community that the pageant has become a little dated and stale. I agree and feel as a result, there has been some reluctance for potential contestants to participate. Last year, we actually almost canceled the pageant all together because no one showed up to be in it. I saw a picture of the Queens Pageant from 1956 and they had 32 contestants. I wish that we had that kind of a turnout for the Queens Pageant today."

Every contestant who entered had the opportunity to win a continuing education scholarship while the Queen and two runner-ups won a cash prize.

On Friday night, Kara Walsh was crowned as the 2014 Winter Carnival Queen.

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