HALIFAX -- Several residents voiced their concerns over a proposed quarry at a Selectboard meeting last week.

"One of the people involved with the quarry came to the meeting. They are in the process of putting together their local permit and Act 250," said Halifax Selectboard Chairwoman Edee Edwards. "So that process will flow into our Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment."

The two separate applications and processes that are required will allow for people to further voice their worries with the project.

"I hope the processes to look at the impacts of projects like these will be an opportunity to get the concerns out and have those concerns answered. And I hope any concerns of significant note are addressed through these processes," said Edwards.

On Feb. 18, the Selectboard and several residents learned a bit about the quarry. The board members were asked to review the Act 250 permit for storm water discharge. Some people were concerned that ponds in town would collect storm water if the quarry is approved.

There were concerns about runoff to existing streams. Some mentioned the wetlands in the area and the impact that the quarry would have on wildlife as well as plant life.

"Apparently, there are native trout in the Green River and somebody mentioned the other brook, which I wasn't familiar with," Edwards said.

The two brooks go down into the Green River, where Greenfield, Mass., gets its water supply. The same water flows through Guilford.

Since Edwards and board member Earl Holtz were never involved in an Act 250 process before, they were surprised to get the storm water discharge permit listed as a public notice and did not fully understand the formal notification process for the various types of permits.

"I believe Earl (Holtz) put out a note saying we were concerned about the process and these permits related to storm water," said Edwards, who believes there are two more parts to the applicant's Act 250 permit.

She told the Reformer that although the board would not have a strong role to play in the permitting process, its members would like to know what is happening with the project. Those involved believe it will be a relatively short time period for obtaining the proper permits.

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