CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says residents in the northern part of the state may see a low-flying helicopter in the coming weeks as its latest study of the moose population gets underway.

Residents in Success, Berlin, Milan, Cambridge, Dummer, Millsfield and Errol may notice the helicopter as tracking collars are put on moose.

The activity is expected between Sunday, Jan. 19, and Sunday, Feb. 2. A crew will use net-guns and tranquilizer darts to capture about 80 moose and collar them.

The study will span several years.

The study being undertaken in conjunction with the University of New Hampshire.

"We hope to find out if natural mortality has increased since a similar study was done about 10 years ago," said Kristine Rines, the department's moose biologist.

She added, "We'll look at how long the individuals live; and when they die, we'll try to get there as soon as possible to determine cause of death."

Researchers will be looking at whether an increase in moose mortality and reduction in reproductive success in New Hampshire is because of winter ticks, or if additional diseases and parasite problems or other causes of mortality are in evidence.