Vermont event highlights barriers to women

MONTPELIER (AP) -- A group of Vermont women and business leaders says women and girls in the state need to know more about personal finance and find more ways to get along with each other.

Those were some of the suggestions announced when The Task Force on Young Women and the Vermont Economy released its final report.

The report pointed to barriers including few allies and role models, limited exposure to career options, lack of personal finance skills and ongoing peer aggression -- meaning young women being mean to each other.

Among the goals of the group is to get more women into science and technical careers. The report also calls for employers to work with schools and non-profit groups to expose middle school and high school-aged girls to non-traditional jobs.

Duprey, Janeway leading New Hampshire anti-gambling effort

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Two anti-gambling groups are joining forces to fight efforts to legalize a casino in New Hampshire.

The Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling and Casino Free New Hampshire announced they will be led by Republican businessman Steve Duprey and former Democratic state Sen. Harold Janeway. The two men will take over as spokesman from Jim Rubens, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Janeway said they will focus on keeping and expanding support in the House, which killed a casino bill in May.

Duprey said lawmakers also should reject proposed regulations for a future casino being produced by a special panel. Janeway said if lawmakers adopt the regulations, it will boost gambling supporters' arguments for a casino.

The groups represent business, law enforcement, the arts, religious leaders and others.