PUTNEY -- Next Stage Arts Project presents House Blend on Friday at 7:30 p.m., at Next Stage, 15 Kimball Hill.

House Blend is a self-led a cappella chorus of experienced singers dedicated to the music of many cultures and traditions. Based in Saxtons River, the group is committed to sharing the joy of their music with the audience and to excellence in their performances, which include local concerts, benefits, and international exchanges.

House Blend formed in 2006 when a group of experienced singers, many of whom had been singing together for years, decided to try something new -- a democratic leadership style in which any member can be a conductor and/or present new material to the group.

The experiment succeeded, and House Blend is now almost eight years old, evolving as membership has changed slightly over time. Currently composed of 20 singing addicts, the infectious welcoming energy of House Blend engages the audience with a passion for the music they sing: songs of joy, love, beauty, romance, spirit, reverence, strength, community and humor. Their diverse repertoire includes songs from American folk traditions such as spirituals, soulful gospel numbers, hill songs of Appalachia and jazz, as well as lush Italian and Spanish ballads, work songs from the Republic of Georgia, South African freedom songs, village music of Italy, France, Quebec, as well as Renaissance madrigals, Jewish choral tradition, contemporary Latin chant and Bach.

House Blend returned to the Loire region of France last July for another exchange with its sister chorus, Cantoria. The concert at Next Stage’s will include some of the newest songs from the concerts in France, as well as many of House Blend’s favorites.

Tickets are $10, available at nextstagearts.org and at Offerings in Putney. All proceeds will benefit both Next Stage and House Blend, as the group prepares for its upcoming tour in France.

For more information, visit www.nextstagearts.org.