BRATTLEBORO -- The Arts Council of Windham County is planning a member show for the months of June and July that will highlight the rich and diverse arts of the Windham County region. The show will be on display at the ACWC new gallery space, The Hub, at 57 Harmony Place.

Curator Susan Rosano says: "With the late spring we all look forward to celebrating summer in Vermont. All our artists, even black-and-white photographers, work with colors and light, and Summer in Vermont is special. We will be selecting work in all media that communicate the physical and emotional colors of summer."

ACWC is exploring ways for its new space, connected to Artrageus 1 Gallery, to serve its mission of "strengthening the environment for artists and arts organizations in Windham County." Currently the space displays work of Windham County’s art teachers.

Submission deadline for the show is May 15. While this show will present the work of ACWC members, membership is only $15 for artists and is non-juried.

Information on ACWC and its work can be found at For information on the show and participating in it, contact Susan Rosano at