It is with a sense of gladness that more people are increasingly not buying into the theory of global warming and climate change. I have always been someone to question what I am told. It is encouraging that more people are questioning and doubting the notion for the dubious and flawed theory that it is.

Human beings tend to think they know it all. We like to feel that we have reached conclusions and have the answers. This presumptuousness is entrenched in our nature and it makes us feel better to think we know it all. However, true wisdom is to admit that we actually don't always know or that we aren't there yet.

I am thoroughly unconvinced regarding climate change and view it as a likely sham for a number of reasons, far too many reasons to elaborate upon here. I could talk about the fact that global warming alarmists seem to alter the climate change theory to comport with whatever weather pattern is happening in the world at the moment. If there's cooling in some places, they exclaim: "Well, some places may even cool." If there are large snowfalls, they will then say: "Well, with climate change extreme winter weather will happen, too." In other words, global warming alarmists seem to morph their argument to fit with whatever is happening in the world which discredits the theory.

I could talk about how, as a lifetime resident of Vermont, in my observation, if anything, it has become colder. Living in Wilmington I would regularly see snowfall in October, and saw snow on Mother's day. Last year it snowed on Memorial Day Weekend. The Vermont snowfall record was set in 2010. Island Pond just set a record cold temperature several weeks ago of -32 degrees before the wind chill. People tend to ignore all the evidence that climate change is not occurring because it isn't sensational and stimulating. Read David Ludlum's "The Vermont Weather Book," which is possibly the most comprehensive book ever written on Vermont's historical weather data, and you'll see that the erratic and wild weather we have nowadays is the same we've had since the inception of the state more than 200 years ago.

Bad news sells. "The weather ebbs and flows like it has for hundreds of years" is not a story that is going to sell or intrigue people. Doom, gloom, alarmism and fear will. But I am not going to be corralled into fear, particularly regarding something highly dubious and unproven like the notion of climate change and global warming. I have always questioned the government and big media. I see newspapers and major media outlets making spurious statements about climate change, the lengths of which these media vampires will go to scare us into readership is insulting to human intellect. It's the age-old trick: if we repeat a lie enough, eventually people will start to believe it. Fear, manipulation and control.

I could talk about how the science is far from settled. MIT professor/atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen, and Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, are some excellent examples.

Additionally, some of the same scientists who are now so certain that they know the weather, were ones who just 35 years ago were saying we may be headed toward another ice-age and it may already be too late to prevent the coming ice age.

I support scientific endeavors and put stock in the virtues of scientific intellectualism. However, science should be questioned and given critical thought just like everything else. These computer programs as long-term prophecies of weather are preposterous. Are you really trying to tell me that you can reliably enter variables including, but not limited to: solar activity (sunspots, solar flares, solar cycle), the role of oceanic water vapor, El Nino, the number of volcanic eruptions in a given year, solar, lunar, and Earth magnetic flux effects, temperature data, and about 100 more widely erratic variables into a computer and determine an accurate prediction of the weather into the distant future? Give me a break. Human beings haven't even learned to fully take care of each other. We still adorn the vestiges of a Cro-Magnon past by repeatedly going to war, yet now audaciously think we are so advanced that we have somehow solved the endless complexities and random ambiguities of our Earth's weather? Ridiculous.

I could talk about how if you want to get funding for your area of scientific research, if you include "studying the effects of global warming" in your grant application, you are often more likely to obtain funding for your project. Therefore people try to link whatever remote field they are studying to the idea of global warming because it will help them garner funding for the research they want. The entire process is skewed and fraught with shortcomings.

Now, should we continue to support big oil and outmoded technology? Absolutely not! I do not have an agenda to support big oil companies. I would like to see us get off dependency on Exxon Mobil and move from our antiquated energy system into something commensurate with our technological abilities. I fully agree we need to seek alternative, renewable sources of energy at a much faster pace. Driving gasoline powered cars these days is the technological equivalent of listening to a wooden radio instead of an iPod.

However, I think we should seek alternative energy not because of some boogeyman propaganda like climate change, but simply because it's the right thing to do. Why do we as humans have to wait to be told there's an imminent crisis until we do the right thing? Why do we need some likely bogus theory such as global warming in order to motivate us to care about the Earth and environment?

I don't need Valentine's Day to be able to love others, and I don't need climate change to care about the Earth. I care about the Earth and its environment simply because it's the right thing to do. Thus, why can't humans care about Earth simply because it's the right thing to do?

Until science can advance enough to develop a nasal decongestant that will truly cure my sniffles during these incredibly cold winter months, I continue to doubt and disagree with the notion of climate change. Why can't we just admit we don't know? Global warming is dubious, and comes across as another sensationalized ludicrous tale engineered to sell and control through fear. I am going to care about the Earth anyways and advocate for alternative energy, but I don't need some fear-inducing sketchy theory like climate change to do it.

Spencer Crispe is a seventh-generation Vermonter, Brattleboro attorney, and occasional contributor on regional issues.