On Sunday Jan. 10 at 3 p.m, Open Music Collective will be presenting the duo "Contra-Temp." Contra-Temp is an exciting new music duo that features composer/performers Salvatore Macchia Contrabass, and Jazer Giles electronics. Its repertoire is made up of pieces for solo bass, bass and synthesized sound, bass and live electronics, and bass live electronics and interactive video. Although the group is actively involved in commissioning new works, they are also dedicated to performing the "classic" twentieth century bass pieces and their repertoire features music by Charles Whittenberg, Andrzej Dobrowolski, Charles Wourinen, Mario Davidosky, George Perle and others. The goal of the duo is both to expand the possibilities of live performance, interactive electronics and video, and to present an exciting aural and visual landscape.

Open Music Collective is handicap accessible, located at 74 Cotton Mill Hill in Brattleboro. Admission by donation. Visit openmusiccollective.org or call 802-275-5054 for information.