Music doesn't understand national borders. It can't be so easily constrained. Music grows, it travels, and it resonates. Traditions, sounds, styles all interconnect. The modal music that Ross Daly explores almost seems to exist outside time, weaving strands from so many parts of the world and combining past, present, and future together in gliding, mesmerizing melodies.

Daly is a master of the Mediterranean lyra, a bowed fiddle that also has more than a dozen sympathetic strings. He's spent his life exploring the possibilities and connections in modal music, recording and performing all over the globe as well as hosting the annual Labyrinth musical workshop in his home village of Houdetsi on the island of Crete.

Ross Daly's concert with Kelly Thoma, along with Michael Harrist (contrabass/percussion) and Tev Stevig (tanbur and plucked strings) takes place on Sunday, April 10 at the Hooker Dunham Theatre, Brattleboro