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Ezra Distler's photographic landscapes, including several panoramas of local spots, may be seen until March 30 at Mocha Joe's Cafe on Main Street.

At times using a technique that captures a scene in great detail, and at other times achieving a melancholic or mystical mood, Distler is inspired by his interactions with immediate surroundings – a walk up Mt Wantastiquet, skate on Kilburn Pond, stroll across the Hinsdale bridge.

Distler recently left his decade-long job at the Brattleboro Co-op to devote himself full time to photography. Besides his own work (which also involves the long-term "Faces" project), he has a business doing portraits for authors and business people, shooting craft and art portfolios, and events.

Distler also has a background in digital retouching and post-production work, having worked for several fashion photographers in Boston, and a graphic design web site. Additionally he has a particular love of archival restoration.

Ezra Distler may be contacted at: