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The Wendy Redlinger Jazz Soiree will host the Bob Stabach 4tet on Monday, April 18 at 7:30 p.m. at 2596 Tater Lane, Guilford. with Eugene Uman on piano; George Kaye on bass; Jon Fisher, drums and Bob Stabach on sax.

The evening will feature the music from the European record label ECM (Editions of Contemporary Music),

The ECM style is an out growth of the American cool jazz of the '50s and fusion styles of the '60s with its restrained and subdued aesthetics while incorporating compositional elements from the European classical and folk tradition. It is tonal, although it doesn't include instantly recognizable melodies. Rhythmically the music is 'straight' (often in straight eighth notes) and there is a limited use of the "swing feel."

There will be light refreshments at intermission.

Redlinger, may be reached at 802-387-4714.