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Author Tim Mayo and Phoenicia Publisher Elizabeth Adams

At Everyone's Books on Sept. 2 at 6 p.m, local poet Tim Mayo reads from his new volume of poetry, "Thesaurus of Separation." Tim Mayo's poems explore the taxonomies of loneliness, of memory, and of a past deep as a cave. This is a past carved from foster care and stone. A past with a bullet in its head. A realm "where all of winter is sleep." Here, fathers are strangers and ancestral ghosts slip ever deeper into the trees. Only his "Reverie at the Keyboard" can call them forth, call them back, as these are poems that must be spoken out loud while they ask, "which home / do I live in? / the one you killed— / or the one I've made?" And what "makes the bottle mute with cork?" It's in the words that ask such questions that Tim Mayo finds his strength; it's in surrendering to the words' answers that he finds his salvation," said Meg Kearney, author of "Home By Now." This event is free. For information: 802-254-8160 or Everyone's Books is located at 25 Elliot St,<<<