The NY Times described this comedy/drama in this way: "What makes this play worth seeing is the manner in which the playwright creates unsentimental characters who maintain their dignity and humanity in their world that is, at best, a place of utter and profound confusion ... Dramatically, they cannot experience a catharsis and move on. As an audience, we learn not to expect character development, but, rather, we appreciate small victories and sympathize with defeats ...

It should be emphasized that there is nothing depressing about "The Boys Next Door." The play offers us a chance to see the lives of people who are struggling to get along and who are, in that respect, not all that much different from the rest of us."

Show times are at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, $12 (Students $6), Friday, $15 (Students $8), and Saturday, all seats $15. Reservations may be made at 877-666-1855

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