WESTMINSTER -- Kya Coursen has been named the October Elks Student of the Month for Bellows Falls Union High School. Kya, a senior, is the daughter of Scott and Bethany Coursen of Rockingham.

Kya is a dedicated independent learner who works hard in her classes. Challenging herself to do well, she works diligently and puts forth the time and effort needed to be academically successful. Kya works hard on her assignments, demonstrates interest in the subjects she studies, and puts forth effort in her classes. She participates in class discussions, asks thought provoking questions and thinks critically about the information presented to her. She has a positive attitude toward school and life in general. Kya is a kind person who is willing to help others and is more than willing to listen to other students’ opinions and views before offering up her own views.

A good role model who leads by example, Kya is involved with the sports program and in the community. She shows good sportsmanship and is a leader both in and out of school.

As captain of the 2013 BFUHS Field Hockey team she proved to be a positive asset to the team and positive representative of our school. Kya’s attendance is superb and she comes to school with a smile on her face ready to tackle a challenge.