BRATTLEBORO -- The first meeting of the year (2013) was held at Adair Heights. All officers were present. The group voted on having a function monthly. The next meeting was in June. Some of the functions included dinner or lunch at favorite restaurants. In March, the group attended the play, "Guys and Dolls," at Leland & Gray Union High School.

The Red Hats also spent an afternoon with Morris Dancers in Townshend, went to Keene, N.H., in July to play miniature golf, and in August went to the Gallery Walk in Brattleboro with dinner at the Blue Moose.

In October, the group attended the Pumpkin Festival in Townshend. The Red Hats, wearing their colors (red and purple) stood out among the camouflage at a hunters’ breakfast in November.

The year ended with a Christmas lunch at Marilyn’s where members exchanged gifts and collected $35 for the Reformer Christmas Stocking in memory of an Awesome Red Hats’ sister, Esther Derosia.

The group voted for no meetings in January or February with the first meeting in 2014 being in March.

For further information about the Awesome Red Hats, call 802-257-8943. Happy Holidays from all the Awesome Red Hats.