BRATTLEBORO -- The Vermont Brain Bee -- a day-long event devoted to knowledge about neuroscience -- seeks bright and motivated students from all over Vermont to participate in the 2014 Brain Bee, which takes place on Feb. 8 at the University of Vermont in Burlington. The event is open to individuals or groups of students in grades 9-12 from public and private schools, as well as those who are home-schooled.

To prepare, students brush up on facts related to human brain structure and function and then come to the Bee and participate in a written, practical and oral competition and attend noteworthy activities, including a keynote address featuring Dr. Michael Cannizzarro, who will speak on monitoring brain signals during communication.

Activities include psychiatry fellows conducting mock patient diagnoses of neural disorders and hearing from a neuroscience graduate and undergraduate student panel.The half day-long event joins together students from across Vermont for an opportunity to represent the state in the U.S. National Brain Bee in Baltimore, Maryland in mid-March.

The goal of the Vermont Brain Bee is to create excitement for learning about the fabulous brain. Learn more about the 2014 by visiting