WHITINGHAM >> Highest Honors: 12th Grade — Todd Trumble; 11th Grade — Chad Bernard, Ethan Fox, Caitlin Hunt, Kyla Lavoy, Kyle Lazelle, and Kassidy Walkowiak; 10th Grade — Jordyn Bolognani and Tatyanna Bowman; 9th Grade — Olivia Genella and Maria Page.

High Honors: 11th Grade — Devin Leone, Samantha Morse and Morgan Wheeler; 10th Grade — Mallory Bauer and Katelyn Loos; 9th Grade — William Queenie.

Honors: 12th Grade — Caleb Brooks, Erica Flanagan and Theresa Snow; 11th Grade — Skyler Boyd, Robyn Cunningham, Tabitha Felisko, Troy Felisko, Dylan Florence, Hannah Gaines, Bailey Gouin, Hailey Howe, Megan Kehoe, Thomas Marchionna and Brett Swanson; 10th Grade — Isabelle Beckwith, Kimberley Betit, Joshua Carpenter-O'Hearn, Callie Dix, Melanie Dow, Emma Durphey, Kendell Howe, Logan Park, Cooper Pell, Leah Putnam, Joseph Rafus, Hayden Reed, Grace Rizio, Makayla Smart, Molly Wrathall and Olivia Zschirnt; 9th Grade — Kylie Boyd, William Florence, Dylan Howe, Morgen Janovsky, Adele Lucier and Leanne Zostant.