Our opinion: Rats climbing aboard a sinking ship

08/18/2016 10:10 PM EDT
With him tanking in the polls, Donald Trump decided now is the time to shake up his organization and introduce some new faces. 
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Our Opinion: The look of climate change in Louisiana
08/16/2016 10:01 PM EDT - It is difficult to determine what triggers a unique weather event, but put enough of them together and you get a pattern. Full Story

Our Opinion: ACA's success poses election woes for foes
08/14/2016 10:10 PM EDT - While the presidential campaign has exposed all manner of ugliness, voters have largely been spared a topic that unleashed gushers of misinformation in past elections – the Affordable Care Act. Full Story

Our Opinion: DNC responds to anger with joy, optimism
07/31/2016 09:13 PM EDT - It has been a long time since a presidential nomination has actually been determined at a national political convention. Full Story

Our opinion: Beware the false promises of 'states rights'
08/05/2016 10:57 AM EDT - The next time you decide to visit a national forest or park, you might want to check before you make your travel plans. Full Story

Our Opinion: Trump and Russia: 'There's something going on'
07/28/2016 10:06 PM EDT - "There's something going on. It's inconceivable. There's something going on. Full Story

Our Opinion: Bernie or bust Democrats should heed their candidate
07/26/2016 09:31 PM EDT - Bernie Sanders' supporters will have Deborah Wasserman Schultz's head on a platter but their candidate won't win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Full Story

Our Opinion: Gift to Erdogan is problematic for foes and US
07/24/2016 09:26 PM EDT - Turkish President Recep Erdogan called the failed military coup against him a "gift from God," and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Full Story

Businesses not a selling point for Trump
07/18/2016 09:35 PM EDT - Donald Trump promises to run the country the way he has run his businesses. Full Story

Our Opinion: A do-nothing Congress heads for the beaches
07/17/2016 09:00 PM EDT - Congress has now embarked upon a seven-week vacation, which along with a nice salary and great health care is one of the many benefits of office. Full Story

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Jon Gosselin's twins open up about why they won't see him

Mady and Cara Gosselin, former stars of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8,' say their father Jon Gosselin should look in the mirror to find out why they don't want to spend time with him.