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    Our Opinion: Debunking trickle-down economics

    03/04/2015 08:20 PM EST
    The next time Republicans rail against progressive policies and push for more tax cuts for the rich, arguing that trickle-down economics is the best way to ensure growth, they should take a look at the stark differences between Minnesota and Wisconsin. 
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    Our opinion: Don't be deafened by the war drums
    03/03/2015 09:04 PM EST - Hey! Did you hear the leader of another country spoke before Congress yesterday without, as is traditional, an invitation from the president? Full Story

    Their opinion: A political assassination, pure and simple
    03/02/2015 09:46 PM EST - Courtesy of The Boston Herald, via The Associated Press Political assassinations have often been employed in Russia as an effective tool for keeping order. Full Story

    Editorial: Temptation is great to claim heroics at war
    03/01/2015 09:59 PM EST - "I can't believe people do this," said Michael Helm, national commander of the American Legion, in response to the latest inaccurate claim of military accomplishment by a high-profile figure. Full Story

    Be engaged, stay involved ... and vote
    03/02/2015 01:44 PM EST - Town meeting remains one of the best examples of citizen-driven, grass roots democracy we have, in a world increasingly driven by de-personalized social media when it comes to social and political discourse. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Find out how your taxes are being spent
    02/26/2015 09:19 PM EST - It's that time of year again when Americans start gathering up their W-2s as they prepare their annual tax returns. Full Story

    Our view: Who really loves America?
    02/25/2015 09:16 PM EST - Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, at recent campaign event for Wisconsin Gov. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Report shows anti-poverty programs work
    02/24/2015 11:12 PM EST - Every year the Annie E. Casey Foundation releases a Kids Count report that shows how many American children are living in poverty, using those numbers to advocate for anti-poverty programs such as food stamps, housing subsidies and heating assistance. Full Story

    Our opinion: Sugary drinks; tax the heck out of them
    02/23/2015 08:30 PM EST - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60 percent of Vermont adults and 29 percent of Vermont youth are overweight or obese. Full Story

    Their Opinion: The evolution of Malcolm X was cut short
    02/22/2015 08:06 PM EST - The turbulent 1960s were marred by assassinations, which America reflects upon when significant anniversaries arrive. Full Story

    Pair pilfer $9,000 worth of underwear from Wyoming store

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Police say a man and woman have stolen more than $9,000 worth of women's undergarments from a department store in Wyoming's capital. Full Story
    Documentary filmmaker Albert Mayles dies at 88

    NEW YORK (AP) — Documentary maker Albert Maysles has died. He was 88. Stacey Farrar, the marketing director of Maysles Films, his production company, said the filmmaker died at his home in New York on Thursday. Full Story
    (JONATHAN ALCORN/AFP/Getty Images)
    Harrison Ford plane crash injuries 'moderate'; engine failure cited

    The “Star Wars” actor crash-landed a small vintage plane on a Venice Beach golf course. Reports say he was taken to a hospital with bloody gashes on his head.