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    Our Opinion: Segregation battle must be fought again

    05/22/2016 10:04 PM EDT
    The fight to end school desegregation in the United States was long, ugly, painful and even bloody. 
    Full Story
    Editorial: Compassion, not restraints and jail
    05/19/2016 09:44 PM EDT - The news that Brattleboro Memorial Hospital was sanctioned by the Vermont Department of Licensing and Protection was distressing to any human being with a heart beat. Full Story

    Park Service forced to find new revenue
    05/16/2016 09:28 PM EDT - This country's national parks, monuments and historic sites are treasures that must be fiercely protected. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Two Vietnam war foes who made their marks
    05/15/2016 09:42 PM EDT - Two Vietnam-era figures died recently, one prominent until recent years, one who died unnoticed. Full Story

    This is not Rawls' veil of ignorance
    05/13/2016 05:34 PM EDT - It's a foregone conclusion and every one agrees that the political system of the United States is rigged. Full Story

    Editorial: Speaking truth about the coal industry
    05/12/2016 10:39 PM EDT - Hillary Clinton took a beating in West Virginia, losing the state to Sen. Full Story

    Editorial: Good prognosis for ACA with UH departure
    05/09/2016 10:05 PM EDT - The Affordable Care Act's critics seemed to get a shocking piece of new evidence when UnitedHealth Group announced last month that it would pull out of many ACA markets next year. Full Story

    Our Opinion: Gun carry policies that worry police should worry all
    05/08/2016 10:40 PM EDT - The obviously dangerous movement in the United States to allow guns to be carried around everywhere, Wild West style, concerns a group that has more at stake than anyone else: Police officers. Full Story

    Editorial: Target boycott is a product of fear, ignorance
    05/05/2016 10:00 PM EDT - Target has adopted an enlightened, humane policy related to transsexuals. Full Story

    Editorial: The Green Mountain State deserves better
    05/04/2016 10:07 PM EDT - By an overwhelming margin — 121 to 28 — representatives in the Vermont State House rejected a bill Tuesday that would have legalized the retail sale of marijuana for recreational use by those 21 years old and older. Full Story