BRATTLEBORO -- The first Fun Run of the year on Upper Dummerston Road drew 26 people. The Red Clover Rovers event, which takes place every other Wednesday night, gives runners the option to enter four different races.

Cadance Gilbert won the one-mile heat in a time of 8:24. The 9-year-old was followed by: Bob Glennon, 10:23; Joy Hammond, 10:42; Evie Kiehle, 11:23; Katherine Innis, 11:23; Macie Gilbert, 12:21; Becky Gilbert, 12:22; Kyler McClelland, 13:10; Tyler McClelland, 13:49.

Leo Schiff and Alex McClelland battled it out in the two-mile race. Schiff prevailed in 15:13 and McClelland crossed the line in 15:45.

The order of the three-miler went like this: Bob Parks (17:26), Brian Lashway (19:26), Dana McClelland (19:43), John Majonen (21:07), Chuck Adams (22:49), Carl Majewski (25:11), Jean Schultz (27:32), Nicole Chester (28:53), Doug McCrae (28:54), Jessica Malone (30:13), and defending Australian Start champion Serge Pouliot (32:30).

Bob Lance took the 2.4-mile trail run in 21:37. John Duff was next in 22:26, while Geri Walton and Cathy Coutu both finished in 28:41.