BRATTLEBORO -- The First Baptist Church at 190 Main St. in the center of Brattleboro will meet for worship at 10 a.m. on Pentecost Sunday, June 8.

Pastor Suzanne Andrews will preach from the Gospel of John, Chapter 20 verses 19-23. In this passage, Jesus breathed on His disciples and said "Peace Be Unto You and Receive the Holy Spirit."

Older parishioners may remember their childhoods when churches met earlier to allow more time for "summer festivities."

However, Pastor Andrews reminds parishioners that First Baptist Church will maintain consistent hours as we covenant to enjoy the priceless privileges of the Gospel, and advance the high cause of justice, peace, and brotherhood. The church family welcomes all to enjoy the special music of Willine Boyo Wango and the refreshment/reception following the service.