CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- There is constant theme of healing, rebirth, and renewal that has traveled across the history of the church. This Sunday at 10 a.m., Asbury’s service will acknowledge those bumps, bruises, hurts, and heartache we all possess. Pastor Scott Masters’ message will talk about how we can stand strong in the hurt, and how our faith provides us with a new frame of reference. During the service, there will be a moment dedicated to the children of the church, an out of the box confession shared by our pastor, and finally a reminder that the scars we carry sometimes can be cause for celebration.

Asbury Church is a welcoming and progressive congregation, dedicated to creating an environment where together we can ask what it means to be a relevant and authentic community of faith. A time of free refreshment, discussion and laughter will immediately follow our service.

All are invited to attend, and additional information or directions can be found on Facebook or on the website at