BRATTLEBORO -- Just 10 people participated in Wednesday’s Fun Run on Upper Dummerston Road, likely because of the inclement weather.

Peyton Joslyn, 6, took the 1-Mile race in 11:24. Zoe Humphries, 6, placed second in 12:03, and Lester Humphries finished third in 12:05.

The 2-Mile race was a showdown between Kathleen Innis and Jace Joslyn. Innis prevailed in 15:20 and Joslyn crossed the line second in 20:32.

Clint Joslyn ran away with the 3-Miler in 18:22. He was followed home by: Conor O’Donnell (20:56), Chuck Adams (24:42), Angela Joslyn (25:02), and Cathy Coutu (32:14).