(Reformer file photo)
(Reformer file photo)

BRATTLEBORO -- Lisa Bloch, President of Latchis Arts, and Rick Hashagen, President of Latchis Corporation, are happy to announce that Jon Potter of Brattleboro will take over duties as Executive Director of the two organizations as of July 1.

In a joint statement, Bloch and Hashagen remarked, "We're delighted to welcome Jon Potter to lead both the non-profit arts component at the Latchis, and the day-to-day business dealings of the Latchis Hotel and Theatre. His relationship to the arts and artists in the area is a big plus to both halves of our equation."

Potter's background in the arts stems from his 11 years covering the arts for the Brattleboro Reformer as editor of Ovation, the newspaper's weekly arts and entertainment section.

Filmmaker Jay Craven, who has premiered many of his films at the Latchis, called Potter, "an inspired choice. Jon is smart, empathetic, is well-versed in the arts, and has vital connections to all the players in the community."

Potter will replace Gail Nunziata, who is stepping down after 10 years at the Latchis. "I look forward to a short overlapping period with Jon and then to step aside and watch where the project goes," Nunziata commented. "I'm sure Jon will lead the Latchis deeper into the arts community, and in exciting new directions."

"I'm excited and pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the arts and economy of Brattleboro in a new way," said Potter. "The Latchis is a cornerstone of the arts in the region.


I am honored to be chosen to take on the task."