A young child's point of view

Saturday April 27, 2013

The following column was written by my fictional friend, Timmy.

My name is Timmy and my family just moved here from Florida. I'm 4-and-a-half-years-old. My mommy and daddy both go to work and that's when I go to Miss Jessie's. One day when we were eating dinner, my mommy showed me a piece of paper she got from Miss Jessie. She said it was about a special time of year called Month of the Young Child. I'm a young child! A month for me? I wasn't sure what that meant, but she said there were a lot fun things to do. She said we should do a lot so we could learn more about our town.

One Saturday, we went downtown to an art show. I walked in to the building with the glass ceiling and saw so much art! I saw the painting I made at Miss Jessie's high up on the wall. I'm an artist! It was so fun to stand under my picture with Miss Jessie and my mommy and daddy all together. They were so proud of me. And the whole town can see my art!

My mommy asked me if I wanted to try a dance class. It sounded fun, but I said no thanks. I did dance when visited a school that had a man who was a really good drummer. He had lots of drums and banged them so loud. I had so much fun dancing. I think I could be a drummer someday.

Another day, we drove down a windy road and got out where there weren't many houses but there were a lot of trees. We went for a walk in the woods and I saw some REALLY old trees, like hundreds of years old! We got to climb high up on a mountain and I could see in every direction. It was very quiet and pretty out there. I want to go back there this summer.

My uncle came to town one day and we did more Month of the Young Child things. First we drove on the highway to a place called Putney. We went to the library where they had a whole room with books for just for kids. There was a man there who sang songs and played instruments. He taught us the words to the songs and we got to dance around in the middle of the library!

I wanted to borrow some books for my house, so my uncle drove me to the library in my town. First, I signed up for my very own library card. Then, when my uncle showed the librarian the paper that listed all of the things to do for Month of the Young Child, I got to pick out my own book to keep! Before we left, I looked up on the wall and saw a book that I created all by myself at Miss Jessie's! I showed my uncle and he was really surprised, and proud, too. I'm an author!

One morning, Miss Jessie took me and my friends in her van to a big brick building downtown. We went up the stairs and got to play in a HUGE gym. There were so many toys. It was fun to run around inside and not get yelled at to slow down! A lot of the toys were for kids younger than me, but I still had fun tossing the hula hoop and playing tag. Miss Jessie talked to some people she knew. There were so many babies with their mommies and daddies there!

Another day that I was with Miss Jessie, we got to meet a hedgehog and a bunny! I learned so much about hedgehogs. They live in Africa and they feel like a hairbrush when you pet them. The one that the lady brought was so cute. I wanted to take it home! Maybe I'll have my very own pet some day and take good care of it.

One day it was so windy and we went to a fair. It was in a big field where there was a lot of people all in a circle and a big truck in the middle. We went straight to the purple and green truck and saw that it was a library! The lady outside said I could have a new book. My daddy and I went around the circle and did so many things. I got to plant a seed, make a necklace, do a taste-test, and played lots of games. My daddy had so many papers and things to carry back to our car!

And today was so fun, too. We went to a place called KidsPLAYce. I'm a kid, a place for me! It was full of things to climb on and play with. My mommy got to talk with her friends while I had a snack and did some crafts. She said she was so happy she found a place for me to get my energy out on rainy days. She said that she bought a pass and that we can go there all year long!

The last few weeks have been extra busy for me. I've done so many fun and exciting and new things. I'm glad we moved to this town. My mommy and daddy are, too. I heard them saying how happy they are that there is so much to do for families like ours. I can't wait for another Month of the Young Child!

Sarah DiNicola is the Communications & Events Coordinator at Windham Child Care Association, and the mother of two young children, Sylvia, age 3, and Nina, age 5, who both spend time in a local child care program. She can be reached at sarah@windhamchildcare.org or 802-254-5332 ext. 310.


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