Accident on I-91 forces brief closure of southbound lane

BRATTLEBORO -- A man was seriously injured after being ejected from the vehicle he was driving when it crashed into the median near Exit 1 of Interstate 91 and rolled over numerous times.

The man, who has not yet be identified, was traveling northbound when the vehicle with a Connecticut license plate swerved into median between the north- and southbound lanes and rolled several yards before coming to a rest in the upright position at approximately 11:30 a.m. He appeared to have been ejected through the vehicle's windshield and lay unconscious in the middle of I-91 South. Multiple drivers-by stopped their vehicles and called emergency personnel after seeing the accident and a few rushed over to the man to help.

One of the Good Samaritans checked the vehicle to make sure there were no other occupants, which there were not. One of the women tending to the injured man could be heard trying to get him to regain consciousness. Vermont State Police and Rescue Inc. were on the scene within minutes and personnel began administering medical treatment to the man. He appeared alert as responders removed him from the scene.

The crash spewed many yards worth of debris and dirt in the median and in the southbound lane. The front tire on the driver's side was ripped off and lay in the road. Other pieces from the wreckage -- including part of the front bumper -- sat scattered, as did some personal items like a Nerf football and an iPod. An aroma of vehicle exhaust and and dirt lingered in the air and there were skid marks in the road, indicating where the man had swerved.

A woman driving a red car with a Vermont license plate pulled over to the right side of the highway after witnessing the crash. She said she was driving in the right lane of I-91 North when the Connecticut vehicle nearly swiped her and then went into the median.

Vermont State troopers took statements from witnesses and asked on-lookers to get on their way. The southbound lanes were closed briefly while crews responded to the scene. What could have been a major traffic jam was alleviated because many vehicle simply took Exit 1.


BRATTLEBORO -- The soundbound lanes of Interstate-91 was closed briefly at about 11:30 a.m. Monday morning following a single-vehicle rollover.

The vehicle, which had Connecticut license plates, rolled about five or six times, according to Reformer reporter Domenic Poli who witnessed the crash, before coming to a rest in the median. The driver appeared to have been thrown from the vehicle, through the windshield. He appeared to be alert at the scene as emergency personnel attended to him.

Members of the Vermont State Police and Rescue, Inc. were on scene.

One of the southbound lanes were re-opened just before noon.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


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