Additional fire protection not necessary for Halifax quarry


HALIFAX -- There was concern about whether additional fire protection or coverage would be necessary if the proposed quarry comes into being.

"A couple of the firemen went over and looked at it," said Halifax Selectboard Chairman Lewis Sumner. "They didn’t think we needed anymore because there’s a little stream next to it."

Portable pumps could be used in the event of a fire at the site, he explained.

The meeting with the firefighters on Wednesday, May 28, was part of an ongoing process in which the town is preparing for an Act 250 permit hearing that will likely occur at some point in the future.

Members of Halifax EMS also were at the meeting. They expressed a desire to have party status along with the fire company, which already had it.

The Planning Commission is expecting to receive a local permit application. As of Thursday, May 29, Sumner said no application was submitted.

In Halifax, a project must obtain approval from the state through an Act 250 permit before it reaches the commission’s table. There were five items that Act 250 facilitators wanted to see addressed or further completed within the state’s permit application.

"As far as I know, that hasn’t happened yet because we haven’t gotten a copy of those answers," Sumner said.

The Selectboard had previously received an e-mail stating that application was deemed incomplete. A binder filled with the Act 250 application information related to the project was made available at the Town Offices in April.

On May 21, the Selectboard had planned to discuss a potential traffic study for the project. Sumner told the Reformer that there was not enough information yet to move forward with it.

The topic was a result of concerns raised during board meetings. Residents wondered whether large trucks traveling to the site would negatively impact the area’s noise level. It is believed that the cost of a study would likely fall on the town.

The Act 250 hearing has not been scheduled yet. Sumner expects more discussion as the hearing nears.

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