Amy Werner is back in town and back on her feet

Wednesday March 13, 2013

DOVER -- Local resident Amy Werner is back in town, healing and hanging out with friends.

"Things are moving along," said Rich Werner, Amy’s father, who also happens to be a police investigator and fire chief in Dover. "She’s still in really good spirits."

Amy had been hit by a car and suffered fractures to her pelvis, right leg, right arm and face. She also had experienced severe head trauma.

She had been studying marketing and events abroad in London, England, hoping to get her master’s degree while studying there.

She returned to West Dover on Jan. 25. Her friends and family had been anxiously waiting her return.

Last week, Rich talked to the Reformer after returning from taking Amy to the Spaulding Center in Boston for a check-up.

She has been off her crutches for a month now.

"Amy’s had a lot of visitors," said Rich. "People ask for her all the time. There’s been a lot of volunteers to take her to therapy and friends take her out so she can get out for a little while."

Amy will be involved in physical therapy sessions at Grace Cottage two days a week.

Her mouth is healing well, her mother Regina had posted on Facebook on Jan. 30.

"It is amazing to see some of her bones growing back," she wrote in a recent post.

Regina has been posting status updates on Amy since the accident happened. Plenty of friends and family have been vocal in their support for her, by posting comments or liking the status updates.

"Amy’s got a lot of friends out there," said Rich.

The Deerfield Valley community has been very supportive in helping the Werners with anything from cleaning to cooking meals to grooming the family’s dogs.

On Nov. 18, 2012 an auction was held at the 1846 Tavern at the West Dover Inn to benefit Amy. Funds raised from that event went to assist her family with hospital visits and other bills that may come about as a result of her injuries.

For now, Amy is going to focus on recovering from the accident. She still plans to get her master’s degree, but will wait about a year until she’s gotten better, Rich said.

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