Arrest warrant issued for alleged heroin trafficker


BRATTLEBORO >> An arrest warrant was issued when a New Jersey man accused of drug trafficking did not show up for a motion hearing at Windham Superior Court Criminal Division on Monday.

Jimmy Camacho, 22, of Jersey City, is facing a felony charge of heroin trafficking for an incident in April where Bellows Falls Police Department stopped a vehicle due to the driver's side brake light having a defective bulb. Police said they later counted 333 wax bags believed to be approximately 10.49 grams of heroin.

Officer Mario Cheechi said he observed five occupants inside the vehicle and the driver's pupils looked constricted. The driver denied doing any drugs that day.

"I believed there was possible criminal activity occurring," Cheechi wrote in an affidavit.

According to the document, the driver denied Cheechi consent to search the vehicle and Cheechi explained he would be running an exterior scan of the vehicle with a drug trained K9. The dog can detect drugs such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy and similar drugs.

The dog "began taking deep nasal intakes which I was able to hear and I observed him turn his head to this same location and begin to scratch at this location," Cheechi wrote, referring to three signs consistent with the dog's having found drugs. The location happened to be near the rear passenger side.

One passenger denied consent to search him while another passenger allowed a search that came up with nothing of interest, according to police. Camacho, seated in the middle of the rear seat of the vehicle, then allowed for a search of his pockets.

"Camacho advised that he came up on the train from New York City to Bellows Falls and was picked up by these individuals. Camacho was wearing a suit with a tie. Camacho advised that he does security work and that's why he was dressed as such and denied having any overnight bags. Camacho said he was going to be staying in Vermont for a week. A search of Camacho's wallet with his consent yielded only $1. I also did not locate any credit cards," said Cheechi, who claims Camacho told him he was visiting family but could not tell him where they lived and mumbled something about them being people he considered family. "Based on my training and experience, I am aware that traffickers of drugs will oftentimes utilize trains and buses from source areas such as Jersey City, N.J. and New York City, N.Y. to traffic drugs into Vermont in order to avoid detection by law enforcement."

According to the affidavit, Camacho "began to tense up" and put his hands near his belt area after Cheechi felt a large amount of hard square items near Camacho's crotch area. The items appeared to be "bundles" which are bags of heroin wrapped together to form small squares in denominations of ten.

"I also observed three larger rectangular blocks wrapped in green paper. These items appeared to be 'bricks' or 'half stacks' which are street terms for five 'bundles' of heroin wrapped together," said Cheechi, who placed Camacho under arrest due to his belief Camacho was transporting the heroin for the purpose of resale. "Camacho denied taking the drugs on the train and advised that he purchased the heroin for $500 in Bellows Falls because he wanted to 'party.'"

According to reports, Camacho was arrested in New Jersey in November for several drug and gun offenses.

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