Artist Reception


Artist Reception Thursday, Aug. 4, 6 to 8 p.m., Cai Xi and Le Xi Sibling Exhibition Crowell Gallery at Moore Library, Newfane

You are cordially invited to the Artist Reception, tonight, 6 to 8 p.m., at Crowell Gallery at Moore Free Library, 25 West St,, Newfane.

'Nonconformist': Sibling Exhibition, Aug. 3 to 31.

Selections from Cai Xi's work of the 1980s and Le Xi's Recent Video Art Pieces

Coming from China's collectivist society yet from earliest days both artists have been cultivating unconventional nonconforming worldviews that have been producing unique ways of communicating and depicting their observations and their mind-body-feeling. Both artists have their own trajectories that share an abiding interest in light and shadow, time and space. Le (Lee) Xi approaches light, shadow, time, and space in a constant state of watchful experimentation leading to the development of kinetic video art pieces as well as two- and three-dimensional pieces. Cai Xi's approach is about savoring color, dancing with line and brushwork, focusing on the materials of her art media. She contemplates portraits and landscapes, the radiance of color, and the interplay of light and shadow of charcoal, and the vitality of contours, strokes, stretching and sweeping which has become a foundation for her exploring abstraction during the past 30 years since the '80s.

Contemplating the transition from the mechanical to the biological, Le Xi experiments with technology to explore the space between the object and shadow, in which he believes art exists. His source material includes the unbroken procession from day to night, the cycle between sunlight and the world of electricity, and the dramatic relationship between structure and sensibility created by repetition, change, shifts, and the fluidity of action. During the day he follows the structure of the world as defined by shadows. At night, he conceives power over shadow by controlling illumination. The result of these investigations is a disregard of the boundaries between substance and shadow, and time and space. His work suggests the struggle between the limitations of life and its limitless perception, attuning the poetic-bridge between the reality and the imagination, dealing with such questions as what is the gap between them. In his recent series of videos, Le investigates the act of imagining and observing the passage of gradual change and motion through time, punctuated by pauses, the reality of shadows and objects, the fantasy of objects, shadows and motions behaving differently than assumed or expected. In each video, the viewer looks into a space and onto 'surfaces' by morning or afternoon light. To determine what is happening in each video the viewer lets time pass by.

In these selected sketches and paintings of the 1980s, Cai doesn't choose colors; colors choose her and then move through her during the drawing and painting process. With charcoal - the light and shadow is its own color and luminosity. For Cai, art goes beyond color: it's about light, energy, movement. Colors interact with each other creating story, voice and sound.

Further information: Inquiries: Adam Silver, Manager, C.X. Silver Gallery, 802-257-7898, adamsilvervt [at] gmail [dot] com.


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