Bennington Police seize $100k worth of "honey oil," a marijuana extract


BENNINGTON >> Police have seized $100,000 worth of "hash oil" a potent marijuana extract, that was sent to a local resident through the mail.

Bennington Police Chief Paul Doucette said the investigation is not yet complete and did not release any names in connection with the matter. He likewise did not say if charges would be forthcoming or not.

On Monday, police were made aware of a suspicious package addressed to a Bennington resident. Police watched it be delivered and spoke to the person it was delivered to, who denied knowing what was inside.

The package contained 1,000 grams of hash oil, sometimes called "honey oil." The "oil" itself is a waxy substance. This particular batch came in flat sheets about the size of an 8" by 10" envelope.

Bennington Police Officer Robert Murawski said when police typically seize honey oil, they find it in "dabs," squares about the size of a dime. These dabs sell for between $90 and $100. He said people often put the substance in vaporizers or hollowed out cigarettes and cigars.

Monday's seizure is unusual, he said. Making that much honey oil required about eight to 10 adult marijuana plants.

Murawski said the oil is made by extracting THC (The psychoactive chemical in marijuana) from marijuana plants. It involves a pipe and a butane, which can lead to explosions. He said honey oil is more prevalent in the Midwest, but it has become more popular around this area in recent years.

Normal "street weed" has about a 5 to 10 percent THC concentration, he said. Honey oil can have as much as 85 to 95 percent.

The oil Bennington police seized will be held as evidence and ultimately destroyed. Before that, it will be sent to a lab for testing.

In September, Bennington Police arrested a couple living at the White Birches Mobile Home Park, accusing them of running an illegal marijuana business. As part of that case, police seized 11.1 pounds of hash oil and THC edibles. They also seized 34 marijuana plants, 8.4 pounds of processed marijuana bud, 24 THC liquid "vape pens," and 97 vials of a THC tincture.

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