Bernie brings in new voters

Bernie brings in new voters

Editor of the Reformer:

Hillary Clinton is apparently afraid that Bernie will win the nomination by inspiring many new voters to participate in the Democratic primaries. Bringing in new voters will be the greatest effect that Bernie has on the 2016 election. The Republican Congress is deeply entrenched due to blatantly undemocratic gerrymandering of House districts, as well as the strong effects of unlimited, secret campaign donations. Only the registration and voting of many of the 50 percent of American adults who do not do so in the average presidential election can overcome the control of our economy and democracy by the wealthiest 1 percent. Only then will we be able to stop spending trillions of our tax dollars for endless war in the Middle East and allow the free education and health care that are enjoyed by all other developed countries. Politics as usual, even if we were to believe that Mrs. Clinton will actually follow through on her campaign promises, is no longer enough. For those of you who have read this whole letter, I would like to encourage you to donate to the Southern Elections Fund, the group led by Ben Jealous to register voters of color in the South.

Rich Geidel, Putney, Jan. 17


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