Boot Camp: personal trainer introduces new fitness program

Monday January 14, 2013

HINSDALE, N.H. -- A few years ago, Joe Jutras was overweight. He had just settled down, had a few kids, and like most new parents, packed on a couple extra pounds.

"I was over 200," Jutras said, as he prepared for "Boot Camp", the morning fitness program he teaches Saturday mornings at the elementary school. "I told myself I had to make a change."

Being in and out of the gym for the last 10 years, and with some training under his belt, Jutras began dedicating his time to developing his own routines. He took up jogging, and in warmer months, started pushing a double stroller around with his two children inside through downtown Hinsdale.

Change for Jutras took effort, but he watched what he ate, set some personal goals, and stuck to his plan.

The pounds began to shed away.

"Once I saw what I was doing for myself, I thought, maybe I could help others," said Jutras, who went on to earn certification as a personal trainer through the National Federation of Personal Trainers, and afterward, setup his own company in October of 2012 called Joe Jutras Fitness Consulting.

Boot Camp challenges participants at all fitness levels. A typical class will start off with a 20-minute cardio warm-up -- usually a two-mile walk or sprint -- depending on the skill level of each student. When participants return, five different workout stations await them, and each person will spend two minutes at each station. "You can make it as intense as you want, or do it at your own pace," said Jutras.

Every week a new set of stations are used (on a six-week rotation), each with a unique set of challenges. "If you don’t mix it up, people get bored," noted Jutras.

For the advanced Boot Campers, a more technical portion of the class is integrated into the Jutras program, geared toward people who are preparing for such events as Tough Mudder, or Iron Man.

Jutras currently has a team of six for Tough Mudder Boston, but he said interested people can still join.

He has instructed classes up to 12 students at a time, and Jutras said he is ready to take on new clients.

All classes are held outside. The first class is free, and it is $7 per class thereafter.

For one-on-one personal training, a single session is $25, five sessions is $115, and ten sessions is $225. There is a $20 consultation fee and each session is 60 minutes long. Jutras offers his services within a 20-mile radius of Hinsdale. Membership opportunities may be available in the future.

"For personal training, each person is different," said Jutras. "It isn’t about telling someone what to do, it’s about providing encouragement so they can accomplish their goals."

Give Jutras a call at (603) 336-6121, or visit:
JoeJutrasfitnessconsulting to learn more and sign-up.


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