Brattleboro Department of Public Works provides information for mud season


BRATTLEBORO — Springtime can be a bittersweet season as flowers bloom, temperatures rise and Vermont dirt roads become unbearable.

Mud season is a way of life for some individuals living in the Green Mountain State, but it can also be an inconvenience for people without four-wheel drive or those that travel off the beaten dirt path.

"Every year as spring approaches, the frost leaves the ground, making our gravel roads susceptible to muddy conditions," stated a press release from the Brattleboro Department of Public Works.

The press release sent out Sunday afternoon included simple terms and definitions that describe the conditions of a road to guide drivers through this mud season. Overall, the hope is that these terms will assist motorist in deciding which routes can be traveled with caution and those that should be avoided.

According to the press release, a road in good condition is one with some rutting and muddy conditions. Through this terrain, vehicles should experience minimal impact while traveling cautiously.

A road titled in "fair condition" means that only a high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicle will be able to travel the length of this road. Typically roads in fair condition will see heavy rutting, slimy and slippery conditions, and deep mud. In this situation, the Department of Public Works says traffic should be for local residents only and emergency services may face many challenges. Pleasant Valley Road, Meadowbrook Street, Sunset Lake Road, Akley Road and Ames Hill Road are listed in "fair condition" by the Department of Public Works.

Lastly, a road listed as "closed" is plain and simple – it is closed to through traffic. According to the Department of Public Works, Rice Farm Road and Gibson Road in Brattleboro are both closed.

"The Town of Brattleboro reduces the weight limit on gravel roads to 24,000 lbs," stated the Public Works press release. "This is done to minimize the damage done to muddy roads by large vehicles."

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