Brattleboro issues gravel road report


BRATTLEBORO -- The town's Department of Public Works has issued its gravel road report. The information contained in the report is meant to be a daily guide to those roads; however, conditions can dramatically worsen within a matter of hours due to weather or traffic.

A road in good condition means that passenger vehicles will be able to travel cautiously, but will pose minimal impact. Expect some rutting and muddy conditions. Emergency service vehicles should be able to travel with little impact on response times.

A road in fair condition means that passenger vehicles with low clearance could suffer damages. High clearance vehicles or four-wheel drive is recommended. Expect heavy rutting, washboards, and substantial mud. Travel should be for local residents only. Emergency services response will be slow and difficult on roads with fair condition.

A road in poor condition means that only a high clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle will be able to travel the length of this road. Expect heavy rutting, slimy and slippery conditions, and deep mud. Traffic should be for local residents only. Emergency services may have many difficulties on these roads.

A closed road means the road is closed to through traffic.

Brattleboro reduces the weight limit on gravel roads to 24,000 pounds to minimize the damage done to muddy roads by large vehicles.

The following roads are in good condition: Rice Farm Road, Black Mountain Road, Dickenson Road, Fox Farm Road, Kipling Road, East Orchard Street, Orchard Street, Stark Road, Cooke Road, Goodenough Road and Barrows Road.

The following roads are in fair condition: Pleasant Valley Road, Meadowbrook Road, Wickipee Hill Road, Hescock Road, Sunset Lake Road, Kelly Road, Gulf Road, Hamilton Road, Bonnyvale Road, Miller Road, Mather Road, Akley Road, Melchen Road, Ames Hill Road, Abbot Road and South Street.

The following roads are in poor condition: Covey Road.

The following roads are closed: Gibson Street.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Works at 802-254-4255.


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