Brattleboro Kids in Coats continues to collect donations


BRATTLEBORO >> Kids in Coats, sponsored by the United Way of Windham County, continues to pick up steam for its $75,000 fund drive to provide warm winter clothes to children in Windham County in the Fall of 2016. Kids in Coats replaces the Reformer's Christmas Stocking, which had its 78th and final distribution this past fall.

Donations this past week: Anonymous, $25; Anonymous, $25; Deborah Brown, RN, $50, In honor of the dedicated, hard-working staff of the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital's Peri-Op Services Department; Anonymous, $50; Anonymous, $25, In appreciation for all the past Christmas Stockings volunteers and for all the new volunteers for Kids in Coats. Thank you; Anonymous, $25; Dawn, Ron, Evan, Hoon and Brittany, $25, In Memory of Shirley Flower; Anonymous, $50; Dummerston Women's Association , $100; Alice McClellan, $15, In loving memory of my husband, Herb; Pat and Annie, $50, Happy Holidays; Janice Duke, $25, Wishing all a very merry Christmas; George A. and Elizabeth R. Wright, $25, In memory of all our loved ones; Evening Star Grange, $25; Happy holidays to all; VFW Post 1034 Brattleboro, $100, In memory of all veterans; Lew and Gail Sorenson, $50; Janet and Guy Nido, $50, Merry Christmas; Anonymous, $100; Aunt Vivian, $20, In honor of my nieces and nephews; Paul and Jody Normandeau, $100, For two very special granddaughters, Sylvie and Katherine; Anonymous, $25; Jackie and Joanne, $50, Jeanie, we still miss you! Your sisters; Matt and Bud, $50, Katie and Roger Skove, we miss you; Bingham Chapter No. 30, OES, $100, For all the children; Bertie and Christine Sprague, $50, In loving memory of Thomas, Mary and Jack Flynn and Bertie Sprague Sr.; Bob and Marilyn, $25, In loving memory of our parents Carl and Ruth Page; The Rabideau Family, $25, In honor of those who teach and support our children; Kiersten, Liz, Kristine, Mrs. Evans, Ms. Rago, Ms. Brown, Mrs. Knapp and Steve; Kate, $25, In honor of all the staff at Academy, but especially Maggie, Amanda, Jeff, Kim, Colleen, Megan D., Mary Beth and Jain; Anonymous, $100, For Grammy and Poppy, who love children; Ben Underhill, $50, The longtime board of the Children's Stocking — Thank you; Anonymous, $300; Bonnie Amidon, $25, Merry Christmas; Michael Bosworth and Naomi Lindenfeld, $35, For Lore Lindenfeld and Bill, Midge and Peter Bosworth; Jim's Mountain, $10; Anonymous, $500; Anonymous, $50; Anonymous, $50; Anonymous, $50, Merry Christmas; Anonymous, $100; Anonymous, $200; Steve Fusco, $30, For a warm and toasty winter; Joanne Hayes, $50, Peace and love to all children; Anonymous, $25, Happy Holidays; Family, $30, In memory of Andy George and Betty Lou, Kayla and Brandon; Anonymous, $35; The Family of Hank Davis, $50, In memory of our dad and husband; Anonymous, $50.


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