Brattleboro man accused of hate crime


BRATTLEBORO >> The trial for a local man accused of a hate-motivated crime has been scheduled for Sept. 1.

According to a Brattleboro Police Department affidavit, a woman said David Chabre, 54, of Brattleboro, told her to come up to his apartment on June 2 or Chabre would release his dog on her. Chabre later invited police to his residence on Clark Street.

Following a conversation with police, during which officers told him the investigation into the incident with the dog was completed, officers were approached by another man, who wanted to discuss an "issue" he had with Chabre. During that conversation, Chabre began yelling at the man.

"Next time you call my daughter a fat (expletive), I will (expletive) you up," Chabre said to the man, according to police.

Other officers were called for back up when the man and Chabre began approaching each other, the affidavit stated. Police said the man was "highly upset" over Chabre having also called his African American daughter a "black (expletive)."

Chabre and the man needed to be physically separated by an officer who placed his hands on their chests and pushed them away from each other, according to the affidavit.

"This worked, and I asked (the man) to go back to his residence to which he complied. While (the man) was walking away, Chabre continued to direct comments to him to the effect of 'go back across the street where you belong' and 'if you want to intimidate me, you better think again.' I told Chabre and (the man) that they needed to stop and Chabre yelled to (the man) something to the effect of 'you should know what you're talking about next time.' I told Chabre to go stay on his porch and he complied this time," Officer Michael Cable wrote in the affidavit. "(The man) explained to me that (his daughter) was doing work for (another man) at his residence the other day. There have been numerous disputes between (the second man) and Chabre in the past."

Chabre had allegedly made comments about the female looking like "a black slave." He denied having called the woman "a fat black (expletive)" and denied threatening the other woman with his dog.

Chabre is being charged with one misdemeanor count of aggravated disorderly conduct. He is facing imprisonment of 180 days or fewer and/or a fine of $2,000 or less.

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