Brattleboro man charged with assault in choking case

Wednesday December 5, 2012

BRATTLEBORO -- A Brattleboro man is accused of strangling a woman until she was unconscious and declaring that "one of us is going to die tonight" during an assault at a Westminster home.

Phillip Oren-Ibarra, 31, of Western Avenue, is being held without bail on charges of aggravated domestic assault and unlawful restraint.

He was arraigned Monday in Windham Superior Court Criminal Division, one day after police received a call that Oren-Ibarra had a knife and was threatening to kill himself.

As Vermont State Troopers traveled to the home, they also received word that Oren had attempted to drown himself and that he had dragged the victim from a car, court documents say.

When troopers arrived, Oren-Ibarra had blood on his hand but told police, "I'm not your guy," according to an affidavit filed with the court. Police said the suspect ignored orders and "had to be assisted to the ground."

Investigators noted damage to the home's front door and "blood in several rooms of the house to include the kitchen, living room and bathroom and on the rail of the staircase," police wrote in the affidavit.

The victim had driven away and was being treated nearby.

She told troopers that an argument had led to Oren-Ibarra pinning her against cabinets and a couch. Oren-Ibarra then grabbed her throat so that she could not breathe, police said.

The woman "thought she was going to die as she passed out, unconscious," the affidavit says. "When (the victim) woke up, Oren was over the top of her, dripping blood from his hand onto her face,"

Oren-Ibarra allegedly declared that "one of us is going to die tonight" before standing up to retrieve a kitchen knife. The victim heard a scream and a gurgling sound and saw blood on the floor, documents say.

The woman ran to her vehicle, but Oren-Ibarra opened the driver's side door, "pushing her towards the passenger seat as the car rolled backwards," police said.

The victim fled to her home and then back to her car after Oren-Ibarra pursued her, police said. This time, she escaped.

Police said the woman told them Oren-Ibarra has a history of domestic violence.

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