Brattleboro police report string of car break-ins


BRATTLEBORO >> Police are advising residents to be mindful about locking their cars and keeping valuable items out of sight after a string of break-ins were reported.

"The officer I spoke to this morning told me in the last couple days, he had gotten 10 reports," said Brattleboro Police Capt. Mark Carignan on Monday afternoon. "I don't know where the number is now. It's up there."

Carignan advises people to lock their car doors when parking in their driveway or in front of their residence as there is a perception that their vehicles are safer when at home. But that's when the department is seeing the vast majority of these break-ins occur.

Most of the time, Carignan said a person looking to rob a car does not want to smash a window to rummage through a car in the off-chance they might find something worth stealing. If a vehicle is locked, they likely will move onto the next one. But phones, electronics, purses, and any form of money should not be visible.

"If they see the prize right there, they're going to pick up a rock and smash the window and take what they want," said Carignan.

Patrol shifts were slightly adjusted to address the situation occurring primarily in the south end of town in a residential area, where Pine Street, Central Street and Clark Avenue are located.

In a situation where several vehicles are hit in a night or two, Carignan said it's usually one person or group of people working together.

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