Carbon Harvest suspends some operations

BRATTLEBORO - Carbon Harvest, which recently launched the country's first integrated renewable energy-to-agriculture and algae biodiesel project in Brattleboro, informed its employees on Tuesday that it is temporarily suspending some of its operations.

The news was confirmed by Jeff Lewis, the executive director of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, which rents Book Press space to Carbon Harvest.

"I've been told they're not abandoning Brattleboro," said Lewis. "They're not walking away. They've just hit a rough spot in their business. I understand his intent is if he can deal with short-term cash needs, he'll be back in business."

Carbon Harvest incubates tilapia at its space in the Book Press, said Lewis. He said he has been assured one of the employees still on Carbon Harvest's payroll is caring for the fish.

The plan for the fish is once it is matures it is transferred to Carbon Harvest's facility at Windham Solid Waste Management District on Old Ferry Road.

Currently, using methane generated by the former landfill at WSWMD, Carbon Harvest is generating up to 220kW of electricity and sending it to the grid.

A second, state-of-the-art combined heat and power plant has been installed on site to harvest heat from the power plant and provide it to the adjacent greenhouse food production operation.


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