Chesterfield business owner planning grand opening for September


CHESTERFIELD, N.H. -- A man who owns two neighboring businesses on Route 9 anticipates adding a third to his portfolio within the next two months.

Pierre Saba has for more than a year been working to establish a gas station/convenience store just a stone's throw from his two other enterprises -- Riverside store and Riverside Hotel. All necessary permits are in place and a building has been constructed at 85 N.H. Route 9, though the interior was mostly bare as of last week. Pavement is also needed in the parking lot and around the island that will be the home of three gas pumps for up to six vehicles.

Saba has told the Reformer the business will be a state-of-the-art facility and consist of an Irving gas station that includes food options, air conditioning and bathrooms.

According to a copy of the use intensity statement received from the Office of the Chesterfield Planning Board, Saba's proposal is to develop the land for commercial and residential purposes, as the property will feature apartments and a parking lot in addition to the gas station. The documents state the building on the site will have a pair of two-bedroom apartments on the second floor and the ground floor will contain a convenience store with up to four employees.

Saba told the Reformer he hopes the project will be finished by the end of August and aims to hold a grand opening about a month later. He said the new business will be a unique gas station with the latest technology and well-lit gas pumps. He mentioned the next door Shell gas station that was closed down (but has been purchased by Alliance Gas) and said he is not trying to put anyone out of business.

"I think Route 9 has plenty of traffic to handle both gas stations," he said, adding that he will give the Reformer a tour of the new facility once it opens.

He explained each of his three businesses -- Riverside Hotel, the Riverside store and the new gas station -- will carry slightly different products to ensure all his customers can find whatever they need.

The documents from the Planning Board's office lists the building as being 5,020 square feet in area and states the parking lot will fit 33 vehicles, including two handicap-accessible spots that have been proposed.

Also, access to Route 9 is expected to be expanded to provide three lanes, with one lane entering as well as left- and right-turning lanes.

According to the use intensity statement, put together with the help of Spofford's Bell Engineering, the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual estimates 59.69 peak trips per hour per 1,000 square feet of retail store space for a convenience market with gasoline pumps. Since the building is smaller than 50,000 square feet, it is subject to a 60 percent pass-by trip reduction, giving 120 peak hour trips. The manual lists a separate estimate for a gasoline service station with a convenience market with 13.38 peak hour trips per fueling position. An estimated 33 peak hour trips are generated after the 60 percent pass-by reduction factor has been applied.

The documents state the development utilizes an unused commercial lot and conforms to the goals of the Chesterfield Town Plan because it does not contribute to sprawl or disrupt the aesthetics of the area.

"The proposal will have minimal impact on existing utilities in the area, both wastewater and storm run-off systems have been designed to eliminate any off-site impacts," the documents state. "The site does not contain rare habitat or wetlands and, therefore, causes minimal impact to local natural resources."

The project also will bring additional tax revenue and commercial activity into the town.

Ronald Bell of Bell Engineering said he was in charge of putting the site plans together, which took a couple of months. He said he designed the parking lot layout and stormwater retention, though his involvement in the project is now completed.

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