Chesterfield, N.H., road not a shortcut to Hinsdale


CHESTERFIELD, N.H. >> A truck driver who trusted his GPS a little bit too much got stuck on Gulf Road on Tuesday.

According to Christopher Lord, Chesterfield's highway agent, the driver was attempting to drive to Hinsdale and was following directions from his GPS, which stated he could get there on Gulf Road. While that road is a fine way to get to Hinsdale from Route 9 in Brattleboro, Vt., in a car or pick-up truck, it's not recommended for heavy vehicles or those with trailers.

"Gulf Road pinches down through a series of sharp turns," and is not navigable by big trucks, said Lord.

Since he took over the job as highway agent in July, this is the second time someone has gotten stuck trying to get through, either to Hinsdale or Brattleboro.

"Three weeks ago a truck driver got stuck on North Hinsdale Road. He was also following direction from his GPS."

In both cases, said Lord, the drivers were relatively new drivers. Other truck drivers know better than to attempt those roads to get from Point A to Point B.

Part of the problem, said Lord, is there is no weight limit on those roads. He said he plans to ask the Chesterfield Board of Selectmen to consider placing weight limits on some of the town's roads, and that should prevent other drivers from getting stuck.

The town has installed new guard rails along portions of Gulf Road to prevent people from sliding off the road, said Lord.

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