Create the perfect box, hanging basket with garden favorites


Easy-to-care-for flower

Heralded as fool-proof by some gardeners, the annual begonia does best in light shade with lots of watering. These are great for shady porches looking for some extra color.


Shade-loving blooms

These beauties do well in shady spots, but beware — the impatiens flower is prone to wilting if not properly watered. Don't worry about deadheading this flower, it's a "self-cleaning" plant.


Popular plant for sunny spot

Geraniums need plenty of light for blooming — think six to eight hours of direct sunlight — while blooming, but can handle a little shade. These are great potting plants that need plenty of water.

Million Bells

Hardy flower basket ready

Million Bells, or Trailing Petunia, spill gracefully over containers and bloom constantly, making it a good choice for your hanging basket. The plant does best in full sun.


Old-fashioned favorite

There's a reason your grandmother still plants pansies — the hearty, colorful flower never goes out of style. These do best in partial sun and in cooler temperatures, think spring and fall.


Dainty blooms fit for basket

The trailing lobelila is perfect for hanging baskets because of its delicate purple, pink, white and blue flowers. This flower can handle part shade, but when paired with intense heat.


Extra care goes long way

The two-toned flower of the fuchsia is beautiful, but requires some extra attention. It flowers best in semi-sunny areas. On hot days, you'll have to keep this plant in cooler shade.


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