Damez denied in derby opener


BRATTLEBORO -- Danica Patrick wasn’t the only female going full speed around a track on Saturday night.

Members of the Worcester Warriors and Elm City Derby Damez flew around the oval at Memorial Park in their women’s roller derby season opener that the Bay Staters won, 148-138.

"I think the two teams are definitely evenly matched," said Sarah Farnsworth, who goes by the nickname Daisy Duke Nukem during bouts. "I was impressed by how we did in our opener."

The crowd was treated to several battles between jammers Puke Face (Worcester) and Criminal Wrecker (Keene). The former used her quickness to weave through the pack and the latter used her great speed and balance to rack up points.

With 45 seconds left and her team trailing 145-129, Criminal Wrecker used everything she had left in the tank to score nine points as the lead jammer while the fans cheered her on.

"I was exhausted," said the Elm City skater who was wearing the starred helmet when time expired. "I’m really proud of how our team did. Our teamwork was awesome."

Once that final jam ended, it was announced that the Warriors had won and that the bout MVPs were Worcester’s Annie Paquette and EmMalicious along with Keene’s Wench Press and Criminal Wrecker.

Aggressive blocking resulted in many skaters taking hard falls in the early going. Worcester’s B.F. Skinher and Keene’s Demonic Delight tasted the pavement during the second jam of the night. And Criminal Wrecker was ridden out of bounds by Stone Fox and later dumped by Nikko.

The Derby Damez stole a 40-22 lead in the first 20 minutes of the 30-minute half. The majority of those points were scored by powerful jammer Killbitch Enrage and Criminal Wrecker, who followed the blocking of Bitches Bruze, Don’t Care Bear, Spark An Burn and Daisy Duke Nukem to pick up nine points during a single jam.

But the momentum would suddenly shift.

Puke Face, Megzatron and EmMalicious put on jamming clinics as the Warriors opened up an 84-66 halftime advantage.

That gave the freezing fans a chance to get some coffee or buy souvenirs. And others competed in an unusual wheel toss contest for prizes.

A new team from Bennington was there to take notes. And Criminal Wrecker was a great player to learn from.

The agile one had three successful jams early in the second half, helping the Damez close to within 100-88 at the 20-minute mark. And Killbitch Enrage overpowered blockers T-Flex, Annie Paquette and Stone Fox before pumping her fist as she skated past the crowd.

But the Warriors always had an answer. Puke Face and EmMalicious teamed up for 33 points as the visitors built a 138-110 lead with 3:00 remaining.

Criminal Wrecker coasted around the track for a dime’s worth, Killbitch Enrage added nine more, and then Criminal Wrecker put on a show to get the team from Keene within 10 points when the bout came to an end.

Elm City roster: Coach - Yeti Krueger. Skaters - Daisy Duke Nukem, Mongol, Criminal Wrecker, Wench Press, Demonic Delight, Killbitch Enrage, GanGreene, Bitches Bruze, Painya Collida, Don’t Care Bear, Spark An Burn.

Worcester roster: Coach - Bronco. Skaters - Adora Brawl, Annie Paquette, EmMalicious, Jes Slayin’, Judy Attitudy, Mad ‘N Dangerous, Millie Amp-Fuse, Nikko, Puke Face, Stone Fox, Warlock Man, B.F.Skinher, Megzatron, T-Flex, WreckT.

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