Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Fair results


WILMINGTON -- Results from the Deerfield Valley Farmers’ Day Fair held Aug. 14-17 are as follows:

Classic Car Show

Best of Show: Kathy McNeice and JR Duggs 1958 Chevrolet Apache Truck

Best Truck: Fred Nutting’s 1959 International

Best Domestic Car: Merrill and Sally Mundell’s 1934 Pontiac

Best Foreign Car: Ron McGivey’s 1954 Mahindra Jeep (Willys)

Best Hot Rod: Jeff Waldron’s 1934 Hot Rod Chevy

Oldtimer Award: Charley H.’s 1931 Ford Hotrod

People’s Choice Award: Merrill and Sally Mundell’s 1934 Pontiac

Adult Entries

Myron Allen Gardener of the Year: Wayne and Wendy Pratt (Wilmington)

Greatest Cook of the Year: Wayne and Wendy Pratt (Wilmington)

Oldest Exhibitor: Thelma Boyd (Wilmington)

Best in Show:

Class D, Tree Fruits: Wayne and Wendy Pratt (Wilmington), Peaches

Class E, Small Fruit: Shirley Pease (Wilmington), Blueberries, Cultivated

Class G, Eggs: Heather Pease (Wilmington), 21 oz. Medium Eggs

Class H, Collection of Farm Products: Boyd Family Farm (Wilmington)

Class J, Produce: Back to the Land, LLC (Wilmington) Cauliflower

Class L, Prepared Foods: Betty Szucharzewki (Wilmington) Two Crust Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

Class M, Canned Foods: Tyne Pike-Sprenger (Wilmington) Raspberry Jam

Class N, Horticulture: Nicki Steel (Wilmington) Bouquet of Mixed Garden Flowers

Class O, Organizational Exhibit, Mount Snow Region Chamber of Commerce

Class P, Needlecraft, Karen Gypson (Dover), Adult Fancy Stitch Sweater

Class R, Fine Arts: Cherie Keeler-Moran (Wardsboro) Trout Flies Water Color

Class R, Photography: Stacy Birch (Readsboro) Looking for Autumn’s Apples

Class S, Crafts and Hobbies: Susan Hallock (Wilmingotn) Birdhouse

2014 Coloring Contest Winners

Kaylea Hitt (Age 7)

Maria Fabiano (Age 13)

Desiree Moore (Age 9)

Chance Pike (Age 2)

King Arthur Flour Bake-Off


1st Place, Karen Gypson (Dover)

2nd Place, Sondra Fabiano (Wilmington)

3rd Place, Donna Roemmelt (Wilmington)

Youth (13-17)

1st Place, Daria Fabiano (Wimington)

2nd Place, Maria Fabiano (Wilmington)

Youth (up to 13)

1st Place, Hannah Woodson (Whitingham)

Horse Pull

3100# Class 5 Teams Competed earning $620 in Premiums, Trophies and Ribbons:

1st Place, Gordy Johnson of Putney, with Vic and Tony

2nd Place, Smith and Lockerby, of Walpole, N.H., Mike Beam with Pete and Bill

3rd Place, Gordy Johnson of Putney, with Chance and Rex

4th Place, Smith and Lockerby of Walpole, Mike Beam with Dick and Dan

5th Place, John Snow of West Dover, with Nellie and Jack

3400# Class 6 Teams Competed earning $695 in Premiums, Trophies and Ribbons:

1st Place, Gordy Johnson of Putney, and Roy Dudley with Lex and Colby

2nd Place, Ben Lowe, Lowe and Bartlett of Townshend, with Bert and Barney

3rd Place, Roger Lockerby of Putney, Smith and Lockerby, with Ike and John

4th Place Matt Johnson of Putney, with Max and Tony

5th Place Mike Beam, Smith and Lockerby of Walpole, with Bill and Dan

6th Place Gordy Johnson, Matt Johnson of Putney, with Louie and Rex

Free for All Class 6 Teams Competed earning $695 in Premiums, Trophies and Ribbons:

1st Place, Gordy Johnson of Putney, with Buck and Big Rex

2nd Place, Mark Pawling of Williamsville, with Johnny and Jim

3rd Place, Ben Lowe, Smith and Lockerby and Bartlett and Lowe of Townshend, and Walpole, with Bert and Don

4th Place, Mike Beam, Smith and Lockerby of Walpole, with Dick and Pete

5th Place, Matt Johnson of Putney, with Max and Louie

6th Place, Gordy Johnson and Ray Dudley of Putney, with Colby and Lex

Kids’ Tractor Pull

850# Class

1st Place: Emily Eastman 1365#, Full Pull (25’

2nd Place: Garrett Littlefield 1365#, 10’ 9"

3rd Place: Shawn Beckwith, 1365#, 1’ 11"

1200# Class

1st Place: Emily Eastman, 2450#, 2’ 6"

2nd Place: Travis Eastman, 2450#, 1’ 1"

3rd Place: Lorelei Briggs, 2275#, 2’

1500# Class

1st Place: Travis Eastman, 2835#, Full Pull (25’)

2nd Place: Emily Eastman, 2835#, 12’ 3"

3rd Place: Lorelei Briggs, 2695#, 2’ 9"

Kids’ Tractor Rodeo

2 Wheel Cart Backing:

1st Cooper Adams (9), Full Track 13.28

2nd Logan Boyd (12), Full Track 50.34

3rd Ryan Boyd (7), Full Track 1:33.79

4 Wheel Cart Backing:

1st Cooper Adams (9) Full Track 1:43.19

2nd Logan Boyd (12) 28’ 10"

3rd Ryan Boyd (7) 25’ 5"


1st Logan Boyd (12) 1:16.53

2nd Cooper Adams (9) 1:24.53

3rd Ryan Boyd (7) 2:23.87

Johnny Popper

1st Cooper Adams (9) 3:10

2nd Logan Boyd (12) 3:18

3rd Ryan Boyd (7) 4:24

Adult Pie Eating Contest

1st Lucas Landman

2nd Max Schindel

3rd Jacob Lambert

Kids’ Pie Eating Contest

1st Luke Rizio

2nd Aiden Bimmler

3rd Place Tie: Keegan Allembert and Jackie Spinnell

Saw Contest

Chain Saw, 75 cc and under

1st Mark Hamilton 5.28

2nd Joseph Brown 5.34

3rd Jeff Fifield 5.44

4th Taim C 5.68

5th Ben Barnett 6.56

6th Mike Bolduc 7.47

7th Weston Yule 8.59

8th Mark Yule 9.48

9th Tanner Yule 14.69

Chain Saw, 76, 90 cc

1st Joseph Brown 4.92

2nd Mark Hamilton 5.38

3rd Ben Barnett 5.84

4th Mike Bolduc 6.59

5th Jeff Fifield 6.62

6th Mark Yule 8.13

Chain Saw, 91, 105cc

1st Joseph Brown 4:53 64 Stihl

2nd Ben Barnett 5:93 66 Stihl

3rd Mike Bolduc 5:97

4th Mark Hamilton 6:07

5th Tanner Yule 7:50

6th Jeff Fifeld 7:59

Chain Saw, Open

1st Tanner Yule 4:88

2nd Joseph Brown 4:72

3rd Ben Barnett 4:93

Cross Cut, 1 Person

1st Joe Farquhar 13.60

2nd Tim Crowningshield 14.78

3rd Mike Bolduc 16.69

4th Weston Yule 17.54

5th Tanner Yule 22.00

6th Jeff Fifield 24.44

Cross Cut, Fair Saw

1st Mike Bolduc and Jeff Fifield 11.15

2nd Dan and Jeff Longe 12.16

3rd Ben Barnett and Joseph 12.75

4th Weston and Tanner Yule 14.13

Cross Cut, Jack and Jill

1st Diane Lnage and Joseph Brown 19.50

2nd Ben and Sarah Barnett 24.00

3rd Nikci Steel and Mark Yule 27.84

4th Weson and Dannielle 46.69

Cross Cut, Own Saw

1st Mike and Tim 10.16

2nd Tim C and Jeff Fifield 16.44

3rd Mike Bolduc and Kyle Hamilton 21.50

4th Mark and Kyle Hamilton 23.56

Axe Throw

1st Mark Yule

2nd Joe Farquhar

3rd Tim Crowningshield

4th Tanner Yule

Splitting Contest:

1st Mike Bolduc 1:09.69

2nd Tim Crowningshield 1:10.32

3rd Jeff Longe 1:34.60

4th Charlie Bartlett 2:11.81

5th Weston Yule 2:22.49

6th Tanner Yule 2:23.28

7th R Barnett 3:44.56

8th Kyle Hamilton


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