Division of Licensing visits Brattleboro Retreat


BRATTLEBORO -- Earlier this week, the Vermont Division of Licensing and Protection was at the Retreat to investigate an incident that involved an altercation between patients in the Retreat's adolescent unit in which four Retreat staff members were injured.

The DLP has 10 days following the conclusion of its investigation to issue a public report on its findings.

The Retreat has until Oct. 6 to resolve issues raised after the state conducted an investigation into a suicide attempt in June. If the issues are not resolved, the Retreat could lose the federal funding its receives through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The state is delegated by CMS to conduct inspections and issue reports. The findings had to a key breaking off in the lock to a patient room and a broken light fixture in an elevator.

Retreat officials say CMS has accepted its plan to remedy the issues, and that it will keep its funding as long as it passes an unannounced inspection before the deadline.

This is not the first time the Retreat has been threatened with loss of federal funding, but in each instance, the Retreat has been able to successfully address all items found during on-site reviews and has not lost its funding.


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