Dover DRB requests more info on Hathaway Trail


WEST DOVER -- Plans for proposed development on property along Hathaway Trail continue moving along.

The Development Review Board requested seven more items before it will close a hearing where applicant Richard Meduski is seeking permission for a 10-lot subdivision for properties located on Blue Brook Road, Someday Road and Hathaway Trail in West Dover, which he owns.

"They did a site visit," said Zoning Administrator Dave Cerchio. "They requested additional information as a result of the site visit."

He told the Reformer the DRB wanted more information relative to the trail. A site visit was held on July 15.

Those items included a letter of memorandum from attorney Bob Fisher, information about Vermont state road design, a plan for how the trail will be developed and the design standards in its entirety. Also requested was a copy of Vermont League of Cities and Towns recommendations regarding design policies and a survey involving a right of way on Hathaway Trail.

The board also wanted West Dover Fire Chief Rich Werner present at the hearing. Werner, Dover Police Chief Randy Johnson and Road Commissioner Bobby Holland have all met with the developers before to review the project.

Abutters are concerned with safety aspects of the project and an attorney brought those up. Another concern involved drainage. Maintaining the rural nature of that area was also mentioned.

According to the minutes from the DRB's July 10 hearing, Cory Frehsee, of Stevens and Associates, said several state issued permits will confirm and strengthen the process. Those permits will address storm water, erosion control, wastewater and Act 250.

Meduski had also hired a wetland scientist for the Act 250 process.

Another item the board requested was a letter from Stevens and Associates regarding road width.

Engineer Adam Hubbard and Fisher approached the Selectboard about amending its previous approval of widening the trail. The board previously approved trail width for 22 feet in January.

At a June meeting, the board wanted more time to check with VLCT regarding its trail policy. Hubbard requested amending the language to an 18-foot width, which he and Fisher confirmed would be enough room for snowmobiles that travel the trail often.

Cerchio said the hearing will continue on Aug. 28.

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