Dover School Board discusses repairs and improvements


DOVER -- The Dover School Board is considering facility improvements that could expand the school, make it more energy efficient and open it up for more community-based programs and uses.

Several of these ideas were discussed during a recent building committee meeting.

"I want to cover major structures," said Dover School Board Chairman Rich Werner, who pointed out that the school is the largest town-owned structure and it could have more diverse uses in the future.

He gave each member of the Dover School Building Committee a document that outlined potential plans. The committee had discussed most of the items at previous meetings.

On Oct. 22, the committee read through the plans, which noted that the school year is 185 days long and the building is only occupied by students and employees from 8:20 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Other potential uses besides teaching children included hosting adult education courses and establishing a business center.

The first item on the list was to review the heating system and see if a more economical system could be a better fit at the school. The next item was to survey the roof and get an opinion of its current condition.

Other listed items included getting estimates for covering exposed areas of the beams on the exterior, reviewing the flooring, moving the current playground, expanding the parking lot and addressing the drainage and expansion of the field.

An addition on the west end of the building was also mentioned, which "could include a locker room with showers, an art room close to the stage area for making sets, an auditorium with a stage, a full-size basketball court, a business center or adult education area, a health instructional area, a lunch room and storage (space)."

Werner's hope is to eventually meet with companies and groups that would provide estimates for the projects. For the upcoming Town Meeting, the committee could ask voters to approve hiring a company to review the projects mentioned in the document.

"(The company) gives us the numbers so we can go to (voters at the) following Town Meeting," said Werner.

A proposal to address some of those projects could then be made to voters in 2015.

If hiring a company was approved by voters, Werner said, then the committee and school board could meet with the Selectboard, Economic Development Department and townspeople, "to explore cooperative efforts."

He said he would try and get a person or group to speak with the committee about reviewing the building. Committee member Chip Vicary recommended looking for a group that specializes in energy efficiency and said he would assist Werner with finding representatives to speak with the committee.

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