Dover School hosts first art show Thursday


DOVER — Students at the elementary school are prepping for their first art show.

A volunteer with the Dover School Club, which is run by parents to raise funds for activities, programs and trips, approached Dianne Guminak and fellow parent Luisa Oakley to see if they'd be interested in helping to put on the event.

"As long as my son's been going — he's been going there for pre-k to fifth grade — there hasn't been an art show," said Guminak, who also has a daughter in kindergarten. "We just wanted to encourage more with the arts."

Some thought went into organizing the show. Ultimately, the parents decided to make art with kids during the school day so every student would have something to present during the open-house event on Thursday, happening from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Art teacher Barbara Childs worked with them on Monday.

"'Experimenting with art' is the theme," said Guminak, who dabbles in printmaking and had artists in her family. "We just want to introduce the kids to some more abstract styles of art."

Principal Bill Anton was supportive, approving a budget for art supplies.

"It was fantastic," Guminak said.

Printmaking is one aspect of the project. Tissue-paper self portraits influenced by artist Paul Klee is another. And there's one large Jackson Pollack-inspired canvas.

All the art, photographed by a member of the club, will be presented via a slide show at the event. Refreshments will be served. Also, information on local art museums will be shared. Guminak hopes to inspire more school trips.

"I think this is just the beginning of doing more art with the kids. The new principal (Matt Martyn) coming in is very arts-and-music focused," said Guminak. "Art is fun. Kids love art. It's great to see all the kids work together. It's very exciting."

After the show, tables will be set up for attendees to create their own art. A group collage, watercolor painting, and marshmallow-and-spaghetti sculpture contest are planned.

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