Dover School looks for new teacher


DOVER -- School officials believe it will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace fourth- and fifth-grade teacher Michael Degnon due to his contributions

The Dover School Board accepted Degnon's resignation on April 8. After nearly a decade, he will be leaving the area to pursue other interests.

Degnon was responsible for leading efforts in building the green screen at the school, which his students used to make movies.

The last movie produced under his guidance was about the Civil War. It was shown at the Independent Television and Film Festival in West Dover on its opening night.

"(The students) were involved in almost every element of production to one extent or another," said Degnon. "When they see it come together and see all the elements they were involved in, it was just a thrill."

The board is currently tasked with finding a teacher to fill his spot on the roster. Principal Bill Anton presented a timeline for the hiring process containing a few preliminary questions.

"If they're not willing to answer that and answer well, I don't know if we want to talk to them," he said.

The questions include: Why do you want to teach at the school, specifically? What is differentiated instruction and what would it look like in your classroom? What technology integration do you use to amplify and support the instruction in your classroom?

A candidate would also have to demonstrate some knowledge of the Common Core standards as it applies to the position.

There will be an interview committee appointed for the hiring process. It will include two board members, two parents, two teachers and a representative from the Windham Central Supervisory Union.

"Their voice is they let us know what they felt after they interview," said School Board Chairman Rich Werner.

For the interviews, Anton will be the facilitator. He will be running through the process with the committee and devising questions.

Anton's recommendations will also be considered. The timeline as shown at the meeting had designated the last week of May for making the decision on who to hire.

Anton told the board he would have a revised and more detailed process to review at the next meeting on April 22. He felt confident in moving ahead with advertising the position.

The deadline for sending in applications is April 25. Candidates who will be considered finalists will be required to prepare a model lesson.

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