Dover Selectboard authorizes spending on new town park

Friday May 10, 2013

DOVER -- Things are happening quickly for the new Town Park that will be located on Country Club Road, between the Dover Forge restaurant and 7-11 off Route 100.

On May 7, the Dover Selectboard granted permission for the Dover Economic Development Committee to move forward on the Town Park.

"It's clear we're going to move forward on the park," said Selectboard Chairman Randy Terk. "I think it'd be easiest to have a number. The cost should not exceed X, then move forward. Then, (Dover Economic Specialist Ken Black will) just report."

The board agreed to allow the Economic Development Committee to spend no more than $135,000 on the park at this point of time.

Black told the Selectboard he would show the board any progress marked since the public meeting in April, where he unveiled plans for the park.

"We heard a number of things there," he said. "And some things we learned subsequent to the public meeting."

One of the issues brought up was fencing. A member of the public previously voiced concerns over balls rolling out onto Route 100, which could cause children to run into traffic.

"The fence there had been in really poor shape," said Black. "We put in a new fence, not terribly expensive, with chicken wire, to keep the balls inside, if they should go low."

He said he thought that was necessary to protect children.

Black then discussed hydroseeding, which is a planting process that uses a mixture of seed and mulch. It includes fertilizer and other additives to protect the ground. He thought it would take extra time to do that and talked to some experts that thought sod could be an alternative.

"We as a community feel sod would be a better solution," he said. "The community said they'd like (the park done) ASAP... and the same with the Selectboard."

The pump near the site was another topic of discussion from the public meeting, which Black addressed at both meetings.

For this, he said the site will need electricity for the pump as well as a holding tank or pressure tank. The pump would also need enclosure to cover it and keep unauthorized people and animals out.

Black said he didn't want to set up the pump for water drinking purposes, but for watering the grass, trees and shrubs. If the board eventually wants to put in a water fountain for drinking, it would require testing. Altogether, it would be more expensive.

When plans for the park were originally unveiled, Valley View Saloon owner Adam Levine questioned the size of the gazebo. He suggested going with the bigger one, which would be 20 feet in diameter. Black thought the 16 feet in diameter would be the best fit at the time.

He had changed his mind before updating the Selectboard.

"We drew it out and the 20 feet seemed to fit much better," said Black.

The gazebo is going to be located right in the middle of the park. There will be three steps and a handicap accessible ramp on the backside by the Valley Trail.

He told the board about the playground to be placed in the park. During a recent visit to Boston, he looked at a playground at the Boston Commons.

"They had the rubber mulch," he said. "It was just amazing how nice it was. And I have to say, from that perspective, I would go for the extra money to ensure the extra level of safety in case a kid falls off. I think it would be much better."

Black mentioned that the Economic Development Committee has already begun soliciting bids for concrete, electricians and the work to be done on the well. The committee hopes to open the park sometime this year.

During discussion, former Selectboard member Buzzy Buswell asked how the park was being funded. Terk informed Buswell that the board was using funds from the 1 percent local option tax revenue.

Black took time out to thank Dover Road Commissioner Bob Holland and the Road Crew for assisting with clearing land on the site.

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